Previous Events

Members of DAMA Portland Metro Chapter enjoy the opportunity to hear industry leading professionals present on relevant topics and the most current technologies and methodologies of the day.

DAMA Portland Metro Monthly Meetings 2018

DAMA Portland Metro Monthly Meetings 2017

DAMA Portland Metro Monthly Meetings 2016

  • January: “Framing Business Problems as Data Mining Problems” with Asoka Diggs (Intel)
  • February (1st Presentation): “Information Quality (IQ Scoring)” with Rodney Schackmann (Intel) at The Standard
  • February (2nd Presentation): “An Introduction to Round Robin Databases” with Chris Irvine (Threeprong) at The Standard
  • March: “Advanced Data Visualization” with Michael Scofield (Loma Linda University) at The Standard
  • April: “The Vital Role Data Managers in E –Discovery and Information Governance”
    with Mike Hamilton & Nancy Patton (Exterro) at Cambia/Regence
  • May: “Agile Development and Data Management” with Michele Goetz (Forrester Research) at The Standard
  • June: “Drive the Future of Data in Portland – DAMA Town Hall” at Cambia/Regence
  • August: “Journey from ER Modeler to Data Scientist & Basics of Text Analytics” with Asoka Diggs at Cambia/Regence
  • September: DAMA Day 2016, “Contemporary Data Modeling with advanced topics” with Gordon Everest at Montgomery Park
  • November: “The T-Shaped Data Professional – Achieving Data Management Goals by Other Means” with Alec Sharp (Clariteq Systems Consulting)


DAMA Day 2015 Speakers

  • “Transitioning Legacy Organizations toward a Data Centric Approach using Enterprise Architecture” with Peter Aiken & Lewis Broome (Data Blueprint)
  • “Infographics and Data Visualization Design”
    with Randy Krum (InfoNewt)

DAMA Portland Metro Monthly Meetings 2015

  • November: “Data Modeling Contentious Issues”
    with Karen Lopez (InfoAdvisors)
  • July: “Implementing Data Management Strategy through Data Governance and Data Quality Process” with Sanjay Shirude
  • June: “Abstraction Kills Databases: What Graphs Do and Tables Don’t”
    with Kevin Van Gundy (Neo4j)
  • May: “Legacy and Enterprise Modeling in an Agile Environment”
    with Alain Knechtli (Gap)
  • April: “Data Management Maturity Model”
    with Melanie Mecca (CMMI)
  • March: “Implementing a Data-Centric Strategy & Roadmap – Focus on What Really Matters” Peter Aiken & Lewis Broome (Data Blueprint)
  • February: “Tell a Better Story: Ignite Change”
    with Kim LaFever (Positive Disruption)
  • January: “Enterprise Analytics: Strategies and Partnerships”
    with Wil O’Shea (Pacific University)