Presented by David Howell

CEO of Avatron

In 2013, the “Summer of Snowden” heightened awareness among businesses and individuals of the insecurity of data stored in the cloud. Despite that, people still routinely use Google Docs, whose corporate owner promises to sell private data to its customers, the advertisers. People still store sensitive data in the cloud, where data breaches are virtually inevitable. Avatron launched Air Connect, an alternative approach to allowing access of personal data from anywhere. Like Skype, Air Connect employs UDP tunneling to forge a direct connection to a remote computer, even if it is behind a stringent firewall or on a dynamic IP address.

We’ll walk through the architecture of Air Connect, discussing design decisions made along the way. We’ll talk through the joys and woes of launching a geeky networking software service on Kickstarter. And we’ll talk about the ultimate demise of the Air Connect service.

Dave Howell is CEO of Avatron, a popular mobile app developer. Avatron’s apps include Air Sharing, the first iPhone app that allowed management, viewing, and printing of local and remote documents, Air Connect, which lets people connect directly and securely to a personal computer without sending data through the cloud, and Air Display, which turns a tablet into a computer monitor. Before founding Avatron in 2008, Dave was a senior software manager at Apple, where he contributed to productivity software and professional applications. Dave joined Apple when the computer company bought the assets of his previous company, Pablo Media. When he’s not leading software teams, Dave plays piano in a jazz quartet in Portland. On Twitter, you can follow Dave at @dshowell or Avatron at @avatron.

April 20, 2017 (Chapter Meetings, 3rd Thursday)

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10:15 – 10:30 am – Break, Chapter Announcements
10:30 – 11:30 am – Presentation continued

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