Presented by Asoka Diggs

Intel Corporation

UPDATED: A PDF of Asoka’s presentation is available for download.

Many are interested in data science as a career. In this presentation, we’ll break data science down into smaller pieces that can be better understood and might help you with deciding if some or all of data science is a career path that you want to pursue. We’ll also get into some of the additional skills critical to success as a data scientist with the objective of being effective and/or contribute meaningfully to a data science project, and not just get the job title.

Beyond the more mechanical question of what it takes to be a data scientist, we’ll also talk about business adoption of data science into business processes and decision making. These two topics tie together when we think about being effective with data science.

Some questions we’ll try to answer:

  • What different kinds of data scientist (and data science) exist?
  • What different kinds of work exists under the data science umbrella?
  • Technical skills needed.
  • Business skills needed.
  • How can a non-data scientist contribute to a data science team?

Bring your questions and let’s go exploring!


After 15 years of experience in a variety of data management disciplines, including database administration, ER modeling, ETL development, and data architecture, Asoka completed his MS Predictive Analytics at Northwestern University and has been a practicing data scientist for 4 years. His daily technical work tends to focus on text analytics, and figuring out how to optimize performance for processing bigger and bigger data sets. He also has a passion for the organization transformation involved in adopting analytics as a source of competitive advantage. How does an organization get there? What needs to be done? What organization design and leadership changes are needed to get the most benefit from analytics?


March 15, 2018 (Chapter meetings held on third Thursday of the month)


8:30 – 9:00 am – Sign In
9:00 – 10:15 am – Presentation
10:15 – 10:30 am – Break, Chapter Announcements
10:30 – 11:30 am – Presentation continued

Nike World Headquarters (WHQ)
15475 SW Koll Pkwy, Beaverton, OR, 97006

Victory building (formerly Edo)
Conference Room: Air Zoom Moire


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